About Us

An international tourism NGO rooted in China, the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) is committed to the improvement of the world tourism governance system for the promotion of sustainable tourism development by the creation of a new pathway for the world to develop tourism cooperation with China. Following the vision of “Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World”, the WTA strives to promote tourism for peace, development and poverty-alleviation based on mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual support and win-win outcomes. It currently has 109 members, including 89 founding members from 29 countries and regions of the five continents. Among its 109 members from a variety of different fields that cover both the upper and lower reaches of the tourism industry chain, 42, or about 39%, are from Mainland China, while 67, or about 61%, are from overseas countries and regions, including Universal Parks & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels and United Airlines, to name just a few. All of our members from Mainland China are prominent figures in the industry, including large tourism groups and renowned institutions. The names of 11 WTA members were listed on the “Top 20 China Tourism Groups of the Year” released in late December 2017.
Since its establishment in September 2017, the WTA has made progress in a gradual and steady manner. A document of strategic cooperation was signed for the settlement of the WTA headquarters in the Hangzhou city of China’s Zhejiang Province. Over the New Year of 2018, the WTA aims to build communication channels and drive market cooperation by introducing a variety of creative member activities including the upcoming forum on urban tourism in the sessions of the 2018 International Mayor's Forum On Tourism in Zhengzhou this May, and putting forth a number of research outcomes such as “Tourism Promotes Poverty-Alleviation—World Tourism Development Report 2018”, “Chinese Outbound Travellers’ Satisfaction Index Evaluation”, and “A Study on Chinese Travellers’ Needs”.